Midwestern boy-girl duo unleash awesomely weird art-rock fury.
— A. Flanagan, Rolling Stone Magazine

Inspired by a taste for the surreal, Cleveland's Mr. Gnome has been creating a distinctive brand of hypnotic, gritty space-psychedelia since 2005


With a nod to the off-kiltered, singer/guitarist Nicole Barille and drummer/pianist Sam Meister bring an unfiltered approach to their craft, allowing for emotional and sonic variance, twisting from soft lullabies to interstellar chaos. The intricately woven musical tapestries and hallucinogenic interludes pounded out by the duo represent an all-encompassing gaze into mr. Gnome's dream-like world of rock and roll. The duo's mood swings are mirrored by the band's surreal album artwork and music videos, all created by Barille and Meister themselves.

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mr. Gnome has released 4 full-length LPs, 2 EPs, and 3 B-side singles on their boutique label, El Marko Records.  All releases are available on CD, Vinyl, and Digital.

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The dream-like fantasy imagery of each mr. Gnome album cover is created by the band themselves, building multiple bridges for its fans and listeners that ultimately lead back to their otherworldly, hypnotic realm of rock 'n roll.

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mr. Gnome's self-produced, directed, and edited music videos have been featured as official selections in multiple international film festivals across the US.

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mr. Gnome's hyper-stylized press photos, taken by the band themselves, have been featured in magazines and publications all across the country, including Rolling Stone, Magnet, Paste, NPR, and MTV.

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