Forging beauty out of chaos with their explosive fusing of widescreen concepts and surreal psychedelia since their inception, mr. Gnome, singer/guitarist Nicole Barille, and drummer/pianist Sam Meister, continue to build multiple bridges for its fans and listeners that ultimately lead back to their dream-like, hypnotic realm of rock 'n roll.  

Incredibly, Barille and Meister continue to keep their operation truly DIY. Encompassing the hyper-stylized videos they've come to be known for (specifically, the epic video short for "House of Circles" featured by NPR and countless others), the fantasy-like imagery of each of their albums, the head-turning band photography and obviously, the inception of each album.  mr. Gnome has been praised by the likes of Rolling Stone (who named them a "Band To Watch" in a 2011 spotlight review for Madness In Miniature), NPR, Paste, Esquire, Spin, Magnet, MTV, BUST Magazine, and countless others. They've created fans from around the world from constant touring, and for both their artistic integrity and its ability to create undeniably original musical imagery highlighted by haunting lyrics, dynamic instrumentation, and soaring vocals.

Sounds like ethereal Icelandic fairies being pummeled by concrete guitars in a dirty Cleveland parking lot. AKA: awesome.
— Paste Magazine